Top 5 Trends of Luxury Swimwear For 2010

With the Sao Paulo Fashion Week and the Miami Swim Fashion Week 2010 now over, it is always interesting to review what the top luxury swimsuit designers are proposing for next year – before hitting the beach, that is!

So here are the top 5 trends for 2010, straight from the runaways:

  1. Bandeaux: Bare shoulders will keep heads turning next year, as bandeaux tops are still favorite among designers. For a very sultry look, select ones with details at the center, such as a keyhole and string in V bandeaux, twisted or just a very eye-catching hardware in between the cups.
  2. Trikinis: Sometimes also called monikinis, these have the top and bottom connected at the center – think one-piece with the sides cutout. These look great for bodies in shape, but any spillage would be very easy to detect and become an unflattering look. One other thing – think of the tan lines!
  3. Colors/Patterns: What seemed to go for previous season is still true for next year – you can’t go wrong with animal prints, black and white combinations and 60’s geometric patterns. Not much floral was showcased this time around. In terms of colors, the leading shades were in the red/pink/orange family, blue tones (more turquoise than navy hues) and naturally, whites, blacks and browns.
  4. Rings (and other details): Designers love to accessorize their creations with beads, metallic based details, and of course – rings! Large and medium sized rings connecting the top straps to the cups, or the swimsuit bottoms, still prove to be a great way to turn the glam up on any beachwear.
  5. Kaftans: These cover up dresses rooted in the Eastern culture have really taken over the runaways and are perfect to use over your designer swimsuit. They are cute, practical and great for any body type. While some colorful patterns were showcased, the solid colors with some type of embroidering work (around the neck, sleeves or bottom), were still very popular among designers.

While some trends such as ruffles and fringes are also noteworthy, the list above rounds up the main tendencies for next year. With these trends in mind, look for a swimsuit with a cut and fit that complements your body for the ultimate sharp look!

Designer Swimwear Sale

When summer is almost gone and in the months following summer, you will be able to find designer swimwear at incredibly low prices. In fact, end of summer sales are everywhere. Almost all major luxury swimwear stores have 2010 swimwear collections on sale. There is no better time to grab that swimsuit at a portion of the price.

This is the perfect time of the year to start planning for next season, and most importantly, to start saving on luxe swimwear. If you’re on a tight budget, but would still like to wear a perfectly fitting designer swimsuit, this is your lucky period: end of summer sale. To get even greater deals while shopping for designer swimwear, try the clearance section. You will mainly find previous years’ collections on clearance, which means more swimsuit for your buck. If you’ve been keeping up with fashion, you know that designer swimwear collections are released pretty much once a year, usually in early spring. At the end of summer, current year’s collections go on sale, while previous years’ collections, go pretty much on clearance.

You’re right if you’re thinking “well, it can’t be all good news”…The downside for shopping designer swimwear sale and clearance is the inability to return the item for refund. Most retailers, especially online retailers, will only accept sale items for exchange or store credit, and the clearance items are pretty much final sale. Despite this, because of the great value that you’re getting, you should definitely take the deal, especially after carefully researching the brand’s sizing. You may even try calling or emailing the retailer to be sure you’re getting the right size. OK, you’ve done everything possible to get the right designer swimsuit, you even got a great deal, but the swimsuit does not fit? Hello, it’s almost holiday season when gifts are greatly appreciated…Got the hint? It’s a win win after all.

With this in mind, this is YOUR time now. Go grab those great designer swimwear deals!

Why Women Wear Bikini Swimwear

Everybody loves the beach… and why shouldn’t they? Hot sun, cool water, sandy beaches, tan bodies and of course – bikinis. Have you ever noticed the bikini swimwear some women wear? They are jaw dropping, but not always in a good way. Some luxury women’s’ swimwear is so revealing they look as if they should be banned on a public beach. Not that many people complain (mostly men, and a few women), but these women in these very revealing swim suits have been known to cause quite a few disturbances o beaches, especially among young couples.

These women who wear these types of bikinis know what they’re doing. They know that if they walk by a couple on the beach eyes are going to be fixed on them. They will tie those little handkerchiefs around their waist to act as if they’re trying to cover up their “goods”, but it barely ties together let alone cover anything up. It’s just another accessory that comes with luxury women’s swimwear these days.

So are these women trying to break up relationships by strutting around in their bikini swimwear? Are they trying to steal other women’s men? Well maybe, but that’s not the only reason. It’s been thought that these women put on these bikinis for other women… really?

Male Fantasy or Female Fact

Do women wear revealing swimsuits for other women? If a woman feels she has what it takes to fill a bikini then what’s to stop her? That’s her prerogative. If a woman is proud of she’s got going on (in the body department), then who’s to say different? Most people would agree that a bikini isn’t for everyone, but the main question still remains:

“Is it true that women shop for luxury women’s swimwear to wear at the beach for other women?”

Maybe a little bit that’s true.

Sex on the Beach

Ever had “Sex on the Beach”? No… not meaning literally; meaning the drink – or sometimes it comes as a shot… ? It’s a popular alcoholic drink that’s found at nearly every beach bar where tourists visit frequently.

The drink comes in different variations and can be as simple as half vodka, half Peach Schnapps and add a bit of Grenadine. This is quite common among college kids during their spring vacation (Spring Break).

There are two different types of Sex on the Beach drinks that can be found in official bartender’s guide.

The first type contains vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.

The second type contains vodka, black raspberry liqueur, Midori, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

Sex on the Beach became popular along the east coast beaches of the United States where college kids would go to unwind during their Spring Break vacation.

Another past time ritual that goes along with this drink is the infamous bikini contest. A bikini contest consists of a group of contestants (usually female), who are voted by a panel of judges or the applause of the audience of how attractive they are in a bikini.