Caring for Your Luxury Swimsuit

With proper care, your luxury swimsuit will last longer and stay in better condition! It is best to read and follow the care instructions on the label provided on your swimsuit. You will also want to keep the following instructions in mind to extend the life of your luxury swimwear.

Use care when wearing your swimsuit.

  • Take care not to let sunscreen or oil touch your suit. These products can discolor or stain your swimsuit and can also break down the fabric fibers.
  • Watch where you sit and what your swimsuit touches. Take care to sit on a towel, as pools and other rough surfaces will damage the suit’s fibers, making it look liked your luxury swimsuit has “pilled”. Also, when in a swimming pool, touching your swimsuit to the inside edge of a pool will also snag or pill your swimsuit. All rough surfaces will damage the fibers of your suit.
  • Chlorine will fade bright colors, so it is best to wash your suit as soon as possible after wearing it. It will also break down the fibers in your suit and your suit will lose elasticity. You can purchase a cleaner made especially for swimsuits that will neutralize the effects of pool chemicals.
  • Do not store a wet suit in a plastic bag, as this will accelerate any damage that may be caused by chlorine or salt water and can encourage mildew or mold.
  • Hand wash your luxury swimsuit as soon as possible after wearing it.
  • Wash swimsuit by hand with cool water and mild/neutral soap (the washing machine will be too rough) and rinse well
  • Wash swimsuits separately, as some color run will naturally occur when a swimsuit is new. Once your suit has been washed several times, the color will probably not run.
  • Using a cleaner made especially for swimsuits will neutralize the effects of pool chemicals. Cleaners are also made for swimwear use in salt water.
  • Air dry your suit away from heat and UV rays from the sun (best to air dry in the shade on a flat surface)
  • Wear your oldest swimsuit in the hot tub/pool (as heat and chlorine will accelerate deterioration of the suit’s fibers)
  • Above all, follow manufacturers care instructions closely

What not to do:

  • Do not iron or bleach your swimsuit or wash it with white garmets (fabric dye can run in the first few washings)
  • Do not machine wash or machine dry your luxury swimwear. Washing machines and detergents are too harsh and will lead to premature suit breakdown. Excessive dryer heat will destroy your swimsuit.
  • Do not leave swimwear rolled up in a wet bag, wet towel or in a gym bag (this can accelerate damage by chemicals or salt water and encourage mold or mildew).

If you follow these suggestions, your suit should last for many seasons. Happy sunbathing! And, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.